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Slider Camera PRO

2.49 usd

Shoot professional and stunning looking photos using easy-to-use slider control.Also contains a full-blown image editor with lot of effects and adjustment possibilities.NOW ALSO A VIDEO MODE INCLUDED!
"This is packed full of features and as they’re all so easy to use, Slider Camera is one of the better camera replacements Ive spent time with."-- Tom Dawson, Managing Editor, Android Headlines
"A solid camera replacement, there’s more than meets the eye with Slider Camera and it’s one of the more impressive replacements, and photo-editing apps, that Ive spent time with. Not only is this one of the fastest camera apps Ive used on Android, it’s also the easiest to use. "-- Tom Dawson, Managing Editor, Android Headlines

Do you often see that your images are too colorless and could need tiny adjustments of colors and levels, especially when shot in low-light conditions?
Slider Camera is an app to solve this problem! You can tune the image immediately after it’s shot with easy-to-use sliders. No need to open photos in external image editor anymore.
You only need a thumb.
Good replacement camera for example for LG G3. Inspired by camera app in Nokia.
Watch an intro video: images shot with LG G3.
FEATURES:- Video Camera- Possible to open SliderCamera from lock screen (android 4.2->)- Sliders in photo mode:    - zoom    - exposure correction- Shoot using camera or volume buttons on phone- Double-tap-shooting- Flash modes: On, Off, Auto, Torch- HDR (only on devices that have hardware support for HDR)- ISO-modes: auto, sports, ISO100-ISO6400 (all modes that your phone supports)- Focus modes: continuous auto focus, tap-to-focus, macro    - focus-lock possible, also 5 second focus-lock in continuous mode- Selfie and normal mode- Helper grid- Resolutions: Most common ones- Quick edit mode ("Quick adjust" button appears after photo is taken for a few seconds)- Sliders in photo mode:    - saturation (make colors better)    - levels    - contrast - warmth- Cropping image- Instant sharing- Image Gallery    - share images- Image Editor    - Auto correct    - Effects    - Stickers    - Crop    - Sharpen    - Blur    - Rotate    - Brightness, contrast, saturation, color temp    - Paint    - Draw    - Text    
Suggest a feature that you would like to have and I will consider adding it if several people suggest it.
Tested on devices: LG G3, Samsung Galaxy 2, Samsung Galaxy 3, Samsung Galaxy 4, Samsung Galaxy 5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, LG Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 6